Sourcing alternative suppliers can sometimes be perceived as a daunting task with uncertainty and hassle acting as a deterrent to change. We understand companies won’t risk production problems or delays, yet without a historic track record of performance, how do they know a new supplier will deliver quality tooling, built to spec, on time?

To mitigate such risk, we offer a stress-free trial service designed to:

1) Reduce frequent and repetitive tooling purchases


2) Overcome problematic and under-performing tooling where performance doesn’t meet the expectation

In the long-term, by working closely with you, we will determine the most appropriate tooling specification for each project and establish the optimal route to maximise productivity, efficiency and profit.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more about how our trial will present you with feedback on tooling design, performance, and long-term cost.

If you are looking to reduce your Total Manufacturing Cost and improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness, contact our tooling experts.

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