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Forming Tooling

We craft custom-designed punches, dies, and complementary tooling across a diverse range of carbide and steel, providing the definitive solution for peak performance.
Consistently delivering benefits to our cold forming customers
PRODUCTS cost savings.png

Reduced production costs

by maintaining efficiency and reducing downtime.

PRODUCTS Performance.png

Improved product performance 

via heat treatment and a variety of PVD coatings to extend tool life.

PRODUCT Precision.png

High degree of precision

State of the art CNC machining forms intricate shapes for multi-stage heading.

Explore our tooling mastery and technical prowess
Hot & Cold Forming
Dies & Inserts

Die Assembly

Steel Inserts

Carbide Inserts

Segmented Carbide Inserts

Replaceable Carbide Inserts

Trimming Dies

Open Dies

Die Screws

Die Fillers

Serration Heading Dies

Die Sleeves

Pointing Dies

Die Fillers


and more.

Hot & Cold Forming
Punches & Pins

Mil-Tip Punches

Carbide Tip Piercing Punches

Carbide Piercing Punches

Steel Punches

Cupping Punches

Heading Punches

Extrusion Punches

Marking Punches

Stamping Punches

Punch Sleeves

Broaching Pins

Finger Setting Pins

Punch Bolster


and more.

Ancillary Tooling

Marking Sleeves

Transfer Fingers

Die Transfer Sets

Knockout Pins

Ejector Pins / Rods

Cutting Quills

Punch Sleeves

Cut Off Knives

Cut Off Plates

Pin Stops

Pin Guides



Retaining Pins

and more.

Our tooling is compatible with all forming machine manufacturers including;

Sacma, National Machinery, Nedshroeff, Carlo Salvi, and Sakamura.

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