Cold forming dies
Cold forming dies

Cold forming dies

Die Assemblies
Die Assemblies

Cold Forming Punches
Cold Forming Punches

Cold forming dies
Cold forming dies

Cold forming dies



Superior punches, dies and ancillary tooling for cold formed parts and fasteners

Ensuring you maximise the potential of your tooling

Superior intelligence that delivers the most demanding of complex tool designs for fasteners, fixings and other cold-formed products

Bringing tool designs to life

Cutting-edge tool innovation

Over 38 years' experience of producing customised die assemblies, punches, and pins with a comprehensive understanding of materials and heat-treatment processes

Exceeding expectations

Our state of the art machines and testing facilities help customers achieve and sustain Operational Excellence

Top Quality Customised Cold Forming Tools

An unrivalled reputation for precision, quality, and performance


Maximise Output and Performance

Increase tooling life by up to 10x 

PVD Coatings
MIL60 Steel
  • Wear resistance

  • Thermal protection

  • Lubricity

Our innovative range of steel that outperforms the standard

The ultimate high-performance carbide tip


Preferred supplier to over 200

cold forming facilities worldwide

Major Industries ISO9001:2008