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Increase the wear-resistance of high-speed steel punches and improve the premature fracturing of solid carbide punches.
MIL-Tip is the trademark for our worldwide patented carbide tip punches. MIL-Tip punches offer a tool life between 4 to 10 times that of coated steel punches. MIL-Tip is a unique and highly specialised process of brazing a high-quality carbide tip to a steel punch shank.
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MIL-Tip integrates the benefits of wear-resistant carbide with the ductility of steel, offering a tool life of up to 10 x longer than coated steel punches


MIL-Tip punches can withstand and absorb vibrations caused by the forming machines. Under this situation, a carbide-tipped punch is a better solution than a solid carbide punch

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MIL-Tip punches are lower in price than a solid carbide punch

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MIL-Tip is available on piercing punches

Our MIL-Tip punches are sold throughout the world and are recognised as the ultimate solution in piercing punch performance
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