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Our purpose

To fulfill our customers strategic and operational goals by meeting their everyday requirements with outstanding customer service, superior products, and enhanced product value.

Our history

During the seventies and early eighties, our primary business was heat treatment, a process in which metal is heated and cooled in a particular manner to improve its physical and mechanical properties. This enabled us to predetermine performance characteristics such as toughness, hardness, and wear-resistance.


This augmented our knowledge of metallurgical principles and facilitated the expansion into cold forming tooling.


We were first to be recognised by the fastener industry for our patented "MIL Tip" carbide tipped piercing punch. Then through customer demand and our reputation, we developed our product offering into a full range of cold forming tooling including carbide punches, die assemblies and ancillary tooling. Now, approximately 38 years later we are renown throughout the Automotive and Construction industries as a world-class and well-respected manufacturer of high-performing cold forming tooling.


Our primary objective of delivering superior quality non-standard tools with excellence in customer service ensures both the product and support we provide for our customers helps them achieve their objectives. 

Major's cold-forming steel and carbide punches
Preferred supplier to over 200 automotive manufacturing facilities around the world

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