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About us

Our purpose

To fulfill our customers strategic and operational goals by meeting their everyday requirements with outstanding customer service, superior products, and enhanced product value.

Our journey

In the vibrant landscape of the seventies and early eighties, our core focus was on heat treatment – a meticulous process of subjecting metal to precise heating and cooling to enhance its physical and mechanical attributes. This expertise empowered us to engineer metals with predetermined qualities like toughness, hardness, and resistance to wear.

This deep dive into metallurgical intricacies became the springboard for our foray into cold forming tooling.

We blazed a trail as pioneers, earning accolades from the fastener industry for our groundbreaking "MIL Tip" carbide-tipped piercing punch. Driven by customer demand and our flourishing reputation, our product portfolio expanded into a comprehensive suite of cold forming solutions, encompassing carbide punches, die assemblies, and ancillary tooling. Today, nearly four decades later, our name resonates across the Automotive and Construction sectors as a premier manufacturer renowned for high-performance hot and cold forming tooling.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier, bespoke tools coupled with unparalleled customer service stands as our cornerstone. We ensure that both our products and support empower our customers to seamlessly achieve their goals.

Major's cold-forming steel and carbide punches
Preferred supplier to over 200 automotive manufacturing facilities around the world

Corporate Headquarters

2, Chang Tai Street

Hsiao Kang






Tel: +886 (07) 871-6711

Fax: +886 (07) 871-5935

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