Bringing cold forming tools to life


Our  ‘right-first-time  attitude focuses on what matters most, productivity. Our high-quality tools deliver significantly higher productivity when compared to cheaper alternatives.

How we create value

Major reduce Total Manufacturing Cost

Reduce Total Manufacturing Cost through efficiency gains, and durable, long-lasting product

Increase cold-forming production output

Maximise production output and Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Protect cold-forming machine capacity

High quality tooling protects machine capacity and production for the long-term

Major's cold-forming tools prevent downtime

Increasing production by preventing downtime and unexpected maintenance breaks

Cost Reduction

Our in-house services revolve around customer requirements and manage the entire journey, transforming tool design into a physical product.

Major | Consultation
Tool Development
Tool development assistance
Tool Build
Cold-forming tool buld

Product requirements


Material selection

Tolerance assessment

Heat treatment

PVD coating

Tool validation

Controlling and managing the critical production processes in-house ensures customers receive expert service, exceptional manufacturing, and the highest quality product.



Helping customers to overcome tooling challenges

Our services extend beyond manufacturing to specification. We help customers overcome any issues with the current tooling supply where performance doesn’t meet the expectation.

Premature Wearing

The wearing of punches and dies caused by cold forming will vary depending on the type of metal being formed and the amount of pressure applied during each blow. Wearing is a problem that can sometimes be hard to determine because tooling performance can fluctuate a great deal.


Cracked Dies 

Common problems that limit the output performance for dies are stretching, cracking, or splitting. If the production line is set up correctly and there are no other influential factors causing the problem, our Technical Experts can help you to identify the cause, by analyzing the defective tool and reviewing the specification.

If the average output of your tooling is reducing and becoming a costly challenge, we can help. We will provide you with feedback as to what improvements can be made to boost performance and productivity.

Faults, defects or damage to current tooling
Identify improvements to material, heat treatment or coating
Build the tooling to the new specification
Provide extra service to ensure sustained tooling performance

We have an internal laboratory for tool-life analysis

Sophisticated heat-treatment and a variety of PVD coatings to optimise tool life

An extensive knowledge of metallurgical principles and mechanical properties to enhance tooling performance