Our innovative collection of MIL60 steels increase performance and output across an extensive range of cold forming applications 
When upgrading to MIL60, customers will experience greater output and reduced tooling costs.
Our MIL60 range is durable and wear-resistant making it suitable for a variety cold forming tooling, including die inserts, die cases, die rings, die sleeves, heading punches, forming punches, and pins.

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To overcome deformation and cracking to the embossed text to ultimately increase output

Extend tooling life by up to 10x with our PVD Coatings
Our Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coatings extend the life of tooling by reducing wear resistance and friction whilst establishing a thermal barrier to reduce oxidation and heat fatigue.
PVD coatings are metal compounds with high-hardness and wear-resistance and the optimal coating depends on many factors of process, including the forged material, lubricant, working temperature, and machine speed.

Our Physical Vapour Deposition process is based on vaporizing the compound so that it can be deposited consistently and uniformly as a thin layer on the tooling.
Our coatings are extremely tough and provide a high level of protection far beyond that of the foundation steel they are applied to.

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Our approach has defined us as leaders in manufacturing customer-led design of cold-forming tools for fasteners in automotive and construction markets worldwide.

If you are looking to reduce your Total Manufacturing Cost and improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness, contact our tooling experts.

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