Solid Carbide Punches

Our expertise in carbide allows our manufacturing to offer a wide randge of solid carbide extrusion and forming punches. If our MIL-TIP punch does not suit your application, we will select the carbide grade suitable for your application or make to your own specified carbide grade.

Trimming Dies

Major has developed the highest qualtiy trim dies made to your customer specification. Our trim dies are manufactured from our special MIL-60 high speed-steel which gives excellent tool life and dimensional stability. This special material, together with our finishing process and special coating will give die life 1 to 2 times that of conventional trim dies.


Carbide and Steel Dies

Major offers a full range of carbide and Steel?die assemblies, ready for production. We can then supply our replacement die cores for installation in your own plant. For the ultimate in tool life we also offer the highest quality of carbide segmented dies designed to meet your most complex specifications. Our assemblies are available for all types of cold forming and heading machines.



Extrusion Punches

Our MIL-60 material is particularly suited to extrusion punches of all sizes and designs. Our tool life often exceeds 2 to 3 times that of conventional steel punches.

MIL-60 Steel Punches and K.O. Pins

In addition to our MIL-TIP punches, we manufacture a wide range of high-speed steel punches made from our MIL-60 custom material. All punches are made to our customers’ dimensional specification. Also, our punches and pins are vacuum heat-treated and sub-zero treated through our continuous-flow process in our plant. Our range includes K.O. pins, forming punches, extrusion punches, marking pins, and special pins and punches.

Segmented Hex Inserts, Wafers, and Pins

We have a wide range of segmented insert punches, wafers, and pins. Our carbide segmented inserts and wafers are manufactured to maintain a high degree of size consistency with excellent tool life. Our pins are made from our special MIL-60 high-speed steel and are vacuum heat-treated then sub-zero treated in a continuous flow process, giving excellent tool life and stability.

Special Custom Tooling

We design and manufacture a wide range of custom tools for the fastener and parts forming industry. We have a dedicated staff of design and production engineering experts who can design to increase your production output and tool life. We also provide R&D services that look for new and innovative ways to resolve your production problems. Our designs are developed together with our customer in a team effort.

Hexagon and Other Socket Tooling

We manufacture the highest quality hexagon socket tooling to your custom specifications and to match your tooling system. Our hexagon punches are manufactured from our special MIL-60 high speed steel which gives 2 to 3 time the life of conventional steel punches. They also hae excellent dimenisal stabiltiy. our hexagon socket tooling is availabable with PVD or other coatings, head marketings, and tamper resistean design. We also manufacture 12 point, square and any other style of socket tooling you may require.

MIL-TIP Carbide Tip Punches

MIL-TIP is the trademark for our worldwide patented carbide tip punches. Whether it is our piercing punches, forming punches, or K.O. pins, MIL-TIP punches offer a tool life 4 to 10 times that of coated steel punches. MIL-TIP is a unique and highly specialized process of brazing a high-qualtiy carbide tip to a steel punch shank. Our MIL-TIP punches are sold throughout the world and are recognized as the ultimate in piercing punch performance.